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Outdoor concerts preliminary dates: 3rd and 17th of August!

Uppdaterat: för 5 dagar sedan

My dear fans! As many of you know I have had a dream about having outdoor concerts in my garden and now I am soon to realize this dream!

It's a dream I have had for years. I had no idea how to do it but somehow I managed. Trial and errors - it's true for song writing as well as for carpentry I was assured! It was not easy and I had to make adjustments along the way. But I did it!

My dad asked me if the stage had to be that big... Oh yes! Actually, I think it's too small but ok, it will do for now😅😉

There are a lot to organize before I can invite you all but the preliminary date is set on 3rd and 17th of August this summer. I will release the tickets and more information as soon as possible!

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