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Songwriter  & Artist  

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Welcome to my website

I am an artist and a songwriter and here you can find music videos, tickets, inspiration and also follow me on my blog. Enjoy!


I am in the process of recording my new single. Looking forward to release it this spring!

I am preparing to host my first Garden Concerts this summer!




Music and songwriting - the theme of my life 

To share, create and use music as therapy and entertainment are very dear to me. Especially performing and writing songs have been the theme of my whole life. Writing songs from the age of 8, on an untuned piano and guitars (with some strings left), writing lyrics, composing melodies and chord progressions and dreaming of sharing my music on stage - it has all occupied my thoughts since back then. I was performing and playing the drums in an orchestra from the age of 9, forming my first band at 10 and learned the guitar more properly on my own from about 13. 

Whatever the circumstances; if I've had a long day, if I've feelt great, if I've failed in some way, if I've been with friends, if I've been alone, if I´ve gone abroad... no matter what, hard times or good times, I can look back and see that I've always seemed to have been accommpanied by my guitar and songwriting in one way or another.

I was given a "culture prize" at the age of 15 with my first band and I won a local contest at the age of 19. I have been playing at many different kind of events; weddings, birthdays, restaurants, rock bars, fairs, on boats, abroad, on the smallest of places no one knew existed with only 2 in the audience and on bigger events playing in an arena filled with 2500. I have made several bigger music videos and I have been teaming up with very talented co-musicians along the way and my songs have been played in the local radio since 2006.

The name Karin Kardia 

To share my music publicly hasn't been an easy journey. Many of my songs reflect this fear of following my heart over the fear of what other people might think, even my own inner critic, and therefore my artist name means a lot to me; Kardia means "heart" in greek and the name is a good reminder of why I am doing this; simply because my heart says so. As one wise man once said to me "if what you do is right in your own heart, then it can´t be wrong to others". Also, the heart is a popular symbol nowadays. I think it's because, at least to me, the heart is connected to ones soul, ones intuition and ones authentic being. Hence, naturally, my creative projects must be created from this heart space for it to me meaningful. 

432 Hz 

I work very intuitively as a songwriter. Sometimes I have no idea why I am urged to do something or learn something etc. For example, I often play my music deliberately in 432Hz (compared to the standard tuning 440 hz one can hear on radio etc and which means I tune my instruments in that frequency) - it has been important but I couldn´t explain why when the idea first came to mind. I just kept following the hunches to keep that tuning year after year. Today I know it has a symbolic and spiritual value to me and the listener. Maybe even physically. For many years I´ve had this idea to team up with scientist to let them measure the affect in our bodies during a concert; comparing how different tuning and how different energies of the songs might affect us physically.

My intention

My intention is to share heart based lyrics and music; to uplift, inspire, entertain and encourage people to reflect upon different aspects of life; be it spiritual, deep or silly. Hopefully the music touches others as it has touched me. ❤️

House concerts

Exclusive and personal concerts at my home. Tickets and dates - see tickets



Garden Concerts - tickets out now!

Use the calander below

or visit my booking page at Billetto


Official Music videos

Been dreaming 2022

Best I can be 2023

Fire 2021


House Concert  29 dec 2023

Eskilstuna  18 Mar 2023

Mariefred Aug 2022

In the studio

The keeping kind 2023

My native American intro to Lifting me up 2023

Bring you angels - one of my latest songs!




More Musicon youtube


My latest Single is released!
Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc.  

Support my music

Feel free to donate! In this way you can support me to finance studio recordings, video sessions, co-musicians, technical equipments, concerts etc. Thanks❤️


Swish 073-9133449

Addressee/Mottagare "Lova van Eijsbergen" 


Photos taken by Eric Huijsers, Sermon Shaba and Georgios Dimitrio 

"Karin Kardia, som med sin magnifika röst vars djup och känsla tar oss med bortom höstmörkret till en ljus och energirik plats du inte trodde fanns vid den här tiden på året."

"Himmelskt hjärtligt o ljuvligt bra! Och på kvällen på vägen hem nynnar man ”Lifting me…” och tänker - vi vill njuta mer av denna enastående och suveräna sångartist med band..."

"Söderkillen" (Music enthusiast) 2023


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